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Ace De Strategy will be with you for the full event journey, from planning through to experience.

From the people to the equipment to the ideas, we work with our clients to make sure their goals are met at every step.

We offer a number of different services to ensure that you get everything covered.  

Thematic Dinner

There are a myriad of reasons a company may host an annual dinner – networking, fundraising, reward and recognition, brand awareness to name just a few. Whatever your reason, choose Ace De Strategy and your event will be effortless from start to finish, leaving every guest delighted, taking away special memories.


Venue, food, AV, entertainment, set design & build, props according to event’s theme, we think about everything so you don’t have to. We will work closely with you to create a seamless event that will achieve your objectives.

Virtual Event

In a situation that you have restriction to carry out physical event, taking up virtual event is a good alternative. We provides you the ultimate platform and supports to share information, spark discussions, host engaging sessions, and facilitate networking for your global audience.

Host an immersive virtual event with Ace De Strategy that will engage and delight your audience. Share information via sessions, offer networking opportunities and boost engagement.

Virtual Event
Marketing Campaign

Identifying key messages, showcasing products and services, inspiring teams in inventive ways – even the most seamless and deceptively simple sales kick-off involves precise planning. When you’ve got lofty aims like increasing sales and raising revenue, there are so many aspects that need to be considered.


We allow you to focus on the best ways to drive profits whilst we explore your event objectives and translate these into an engaging experience that further educates your target audience about your brands, products, or services.


The launch of something new – be that a product, service, range/season, or even building – is always a thrilling time for any organisation. Your launching activity should be every bit as exciting. The best unveiling events act as a springboard, propelling your brand idea and making it stick with your target audience. Whether that audience is a select list of journalists and publications, VIPs and key customers, or the lunch-time foot traffic at any places in Malaysia.


We know how to get you noticed. Ace De Strategy helps you pinpoint the people that matter the most for your launch and provide an event solution that will grab their attention, driving your brand to the front of their mind and leaving a vivid memory.

Sport & E-Sport

Outdoor sport events such as marathon, fun run, virtual run had been a popular options for brands to create brand awareness and even generate revenue may it be through tickets sales or bundle purchase.

With Ace De Strategy, we had came out of our original theme fun run named "Slipper Beach Fun Run", and mobile games inspired theme fun run that are well received in the market.


Whether you are organising a customer-facing user conference or an internal summit to update and educate your employees, Ace De Strategy can provide the support required to ensure your conference delivered against its objectives and makes a positive lasting impression on your attendees.

The key to a great conference is maximising engagement and letting the power of your message speak for itself. We will help you keep everything under control, with no stress, so you can concentrate on inspiring and motivating.

REDONE (530)_edited.jpg

Live events can be truly inspirational. The best of them engage and excite all five senses and leave guests energised and delighted. To communicate effectively and positively influence your audience, there’s no better approach than a sensational event.


Ace De Strategy, we can work with you to identify the best way to communicate your message, using your venue to its best advantage, and deliver the solution in spectacular style.

Sound , Light & Visual

 Lighting can, and will, instantly change the look and the atmosphere of the room, even more so when you add a lighting desk and operator into the mix. So with your room looking great we just need to get the sound right. Sound is probably one of the most important parts of an event as it’s what you use to get your point across.  If it’s not good, clear and crisp then it can have an adverse effect.

Using AV equipment essentially brings your event to life, whether it is a presentation, a speech, a conference, training or even just a standard meeting. When utilised correctly, AV will engage your audience and help them to connect with the message you are trying to convey and it will leave a longer lasting impression on them, so that your message stays with them long after your event has concluded. With Ace De Strategy, we provide the most up-to-date and top notch equipment for your event.

Photographer & Videographer

Ace De Strategy also provide photography and videography service, which this is crucial for capturing your special moments, get high-quality event photography and video content. Ace De Strategy, we provide no-fuss, professional services to allow you to get the right event photography and video content you need, later you are able to use these contents for marketing purposes or even just to fill your memory bank with special event photography and video.


You need support designing and building a stand to maximise your company’s visibility amongst attendees, or you are looking for innovative ideas to increase footfall to your spot. Whatever you need to make your exhibition presence truly felt the element everyone remembers, Ace De Strategy are your perfect partner.


Ace De Strategy can provide a single-source solution for all your exhibition needs. From stand design to marketing collateral and overall management, not to mention an inexhaustible stock of great ideas to make you stand out, we have everything covered.

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